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Research Findings

Everyday Decisions

Supporting Legal Capacity through Care, Support and Empowerment

The Everyday Decisions project explored how intellectually disabled people make everyday decisions about a wide range of life choices and issues, and how care professionals support them to make their own decisions. This research explored how mental capacity law works in practice to support decision-making through qualitative interviews with intellectually disabled people, and care professionals.

On this page, you can download the research findings from the project.

The Full Everyday Decisions Project Report

Image of front page of the Everyday Decisions Project Report

Everyday Decisions Project Report: Full Project Report in PDF format (tagged pdf, 768KB)

This full project report provides an overall summary of our project findings. It includes detailed information on the legal issues we were interested in, our aims, objective and research questions. The full report is quite a long document, but contains a lot of information about what we found out about supporting legal capacity in everyday life for intellectually disabled people.

The EasyRead Everyday Decisions Findings Report

Everyday Decisions EasyRead Findings ReportEasyRead Findings Summary (pdf, 4MB, optimised for screen readers)

The easyread findings report includes information about the Everyday Decisions research project, what we found out, and what we think should happen.

This file is in pdf format, and has been optimised for reading with a screen reader. If you need the information in a more accessible format to make it easier for you, then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

Everyday Decisions Research Spotlight

an image of the first page of the everyday decisions research spotlight

Everyday Decisions Research Spotlight (pdf, 2MB)

In this research spotlight, we have condensed the key messages from the research, and our main recommendations into a short summary document. This 4 page summary of our research findings provides a little more detail than the easyread report, but is formatted to make it a quicker read than our full project report.

More detail about the research project, the background to our research and ideas, and discussion of emerging findings can be found on the Everyday Decisions Blog.

We are also happy to provide printed copies of any of these reports. Please contact us if you would like a paper copy of the report, or for more information about the research or our findings.

We are very grateful to CHANGE who helped us to produce the EasyRead Findings Report, and to all of the organisations and individuals who participated in the research project, or helped us to make contact with people who took part. These reports represent the views and analysis of the project research team, Professor Rosie Harding and Dr Ezgi Tascioglu, and are not necessarily the views of the research funders.